Thursday, July 17, 2008


My bf and I have started a distribution business on the side. I am in sales, but don't really cold call per say. Tonight, however, I made my first real sale for our business and it was very exciting. It was very small, but it is a step in the right direction. Now if I can just get about 200 more customers like this I will be good.

On another note... late this afternoon I was home working in my bedroom when my bf called to me that there was someone pulling up in our driveway. The next thing I know he is calling to me that an "Adam" was here. I went to the door and saw it was a guy I dated on and off for a while in 2006, but had not spoken to in about a year. Quite honestly he was horrible to me and I was stupid enough to put up with it for far too long.

After my initial shock I invited him in, introduced him to my bf and sat in the den with him. It was a pretty awkward 15 minutes- maybe because it was immediately evident that I had a live- in bf. He said he was in the neighborhood and was just curious to see if I still lived here and what I was up to. Whatever... I think he knows not to contact me again. I was so so happy bf was here.

And finally- my 7 yr old niece and 9 yr old nephew will be in town to stay with us this weekend. My nephew will stay the week for soccer camp so it will be an exhausting week for me, but I haven't seen them since April so I am excited. Its a good chance for bf to spend more time with the kiddos too.

Have a great Friday!

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