Sunday, September 28, 2008

All is well

For the first time in over two weeks I am sitting in bed typing on my laptop. That's right, late this afternoon the power finally came back on. In anticipation, since my neighbors across the street got theirs 2 hours earlier, I scrubbed the bare refrigerator and freezer. It was cathartic in a way and it has n0t been this clean in a long time. Now it is stocked with cold beverages and nothing else and the freezer is bare save for 2 bags of ice. Slowly but surely we will replenish our variety of condiments, fruits, vegetables and various frozen items. We lost a few hundred dollars worth of fish so I never want to stock either as fully as before.

I have run the dishwasher and have done 4 loads of laundry. I changed the sheets on the bed and tidied up the bedroom. After all this I took a nice warm shower, which I have been able to do since we have a gas water heater, but now I get to do something I have not done in a week.... blow dry my hair. It really is the little things that sometimes mean the most.

And finally, for my Jewish readers, have a very Happy New Year. I, for one, am very grateful that my synagogue has power, my bf will be attending services with me, and hurricane season is almost over. L'Shana Tova!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Still in the dark

It was 2 weeks ago today that Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on my city. And since midnight on that Friday I have been without electricity. At least 3 times the power company has told us we will be getting it back, but still it is dark. In 3 hours, if it is still not back on, another deadline will be missed. I know they are doing their best, but areas far harder hit then us have had power for a long time now.

I also have at leas 40 mosquito bites from when we spent all day Tuesday clearing the branches and limbs from the yard.

On the bright side the weather has gotten much cooler so we have pleasant nights to sleep with the windows open. Mind you, we only have 4 with screens on them so we will have to live with that.

I am cranky, but also very aware that so many others lost much more than power and for that I am remorseful for my bitching. We just want to get back to normal.

May this weekend be fabulous for everyone and well lit for me.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Almost home

I have been in Austin for over a week, but we are going home tomorrow. We are still without power, but friends have gotten theirs back and we can stay with them. On Wednesday I will get back to work and assess the state of my business. Since many of my customers were in the hardest hit areas it may be weeks before they return to normality.

I really miss working and my every day routine. Other than training I have never been gone from home this long. I also have never missed this much work with the exception of once when I had severe eye infections for 3 weeks. Even then though I was at my own house sleeping in my own bed.

If only I could click my heels and be back...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cooler places

The hurricane was extremely scary. I spent the night in the closet- no sleep of course. When daylight came I went outside to survey the damage. Several large limbs fell on my roof and ripped my gutters off, but it looks like the roof is ok. I will know more when the electricity is back on and we can cut the limbs down.

The power company says it could take up to 3 weeks to restore power to everyone. I do think I will get it much sooner, but I still came to Austin today to wait it out. My sales territory covers Southeast Texas including Galveston so working for the next few days would be impossible. I just hope everyone I know s all right and that they didn't suffer too much damage.

I hope I never have to experience something like that again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Scary Situation

The winds have picked up and I have to admit I am a bit scared. I have never been in a hurricane before and this one could be a bad one. I hope my customers in Galveston and the rest of the bay are doing ok and have evacuated to a safe place. As for me, I am "sheltering in place" or "hunkering down" at my house. My windows are boarded. I have blankets and pillows by the closet that will be my shelter when the wind gets to tropical storm force. My flashlight and radio are ready and I have drinks and snacks.

Another large branch just fell onto my roof. It startles me every time. And now it is dark so this storm will be even scarier.

I just hope the power stays on as long as possible. I have no doubt I will lose it at some point, but in the meantime I am using the internet, watching the nonstop news, and keeping my fingers crossed. Tonight there will be little sleep.

I miss my bf.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Like Ike

Well, it looks like Ike isn't going to spare us. We have been lucky in the past, but all signs point to at minimum a lot of rain and wind.

My bf is out of town so I am on my own. I have moved everything inside, have plenty of food and water, flashlight and candles.

Now I will just do what many other are- watching the news and waiting to see what may come our way.

Monday, September 8, 2008


The weekend was good. I met bf's aunt, uncle, and cousin. They were all very nice. His 22 yr old cousin is so sweet and cute. Both of us have relatively small families so for the most part we have them all and both sides seem to approve.

Bf has been so busy working. And just when he is finally making some money and maybe saving for, oh, I don't know, maybe something sparkly, his server goes out. It will cost around $3000 for a new one so that will be quite a setback. I know it sucks for him because he is struggling to get his business up and running and this does not help at all.

I know the past week or so I have reverted back to some old ways of bringing up the ring and getting engaged too much. I know I need to stop and let things happen. Luckily I have an appointment with my psych Thursday. Also, I leave town for Phoenix today through Wednesday and bf will be out of town Wednesday through Monday so that week distance will allow me to get off the nagging train.

Oh... and I guess I will check the weather to see if another Hurricane may be coming close to us.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyones friend

I got a facebook message from a guy I dated very briefly at the beginning of 2007. I really liked him although looking back now I have no idea why. Anyway, he is moving here for school for a couple of months and was asking about apartments. He also asked what I was up to so I told him "we" were doing stuff around the house.

Well his response was- "whose we?", and "whats his name" and "are you living together?"

Although questions2 and 3 are reasonable, question 1 irked me. My profile says in a relationship but more importantly my profile pic is of my bf and me. Could he really have been that dumb?

Back to my title for today: in looking through my facebook friends I realize there are at least a dozen guys that I either dated, hooked up with, or went on at least one date with. Why oh why? Now granted, I really only "talk" to a few of them, but still.... is it really necessary?

And then the petty side of me comes through and I realize I want them to see me happy with my cute bf while they remain, for the most part, unattached. I really can be a bitch sometimes :).