Monday, July 7, 2008

I'll Survive

You know those days where you don't feel quite right quite right, but you don't feel bad enough to miss work? Well, I am having one of those days. My stomach is acting up some; I could barely manage to choke down a few bites of cereal.

It is also so hot here right now. I realize that this is nothing new, that I live in Texas after all where the winters are mild but the summers are dreadful. When I worked in an office I didn't mind it so much because I would go to my garage, get in my car and drive to another garage and park for the day. Now that I am in sales, I don't always have the luxury of a parking garage and am often getting into a car that has been sitting in the sun for a while. And since I have to dress up for work this means some extra sweating on my part. Ok, enough complaining... for now.

I had a great unexciting long weekend. In a couple of weeks my nephew will be visiting for a week of sports camp then I will be going out of town so it's good to have the down time when I can. Hope yours was equally enjoyable.

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Sarah said...

I live in the South too and I won't buy anything but white cars for that very reason. Ugh, summer makes me so miserable.