Friday, July 11, 2008

Facebook reunions

Let me say this first... I probably am too old to have a facebook profile yet I find it very amusing. Sure, there are a few people that I have reconnected with that I was friends with and that I am genuinely happy to talk to . But for the most part I find that I get friend invitations from people I went to school with and that I was social with, but that I wouldn't call a friend. And yet I accept their invitations and look at their profiles and pictures. I may even write on their walls.

However, I rarely send a personal message nor do they. Basically, I have developed a network where we "spy" on each others lives without having to actually communicate with each other. We find out about each others personal lives, where we live, what we do, etc. I don't know- I am somewhat torn because while I consider it an innocent guilty pleasure, it also seems a little shady. As in, if I really wanted to keep in touch with these people, wouldn't I already have their info?

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