Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let the sun shine...

I mean that literally. I live in Texas... in case you hadn't heard we had a little hurricane. I don't live in that area actually, but the gulf is active and we probably got a few inches of rain here too. I checked the weather for the weekend and it looks clear.

I had a great appointment with my new psych. I really like her style and think she can help me with my angst. BF and I have been having some really great days after we talked. I don't expect all of my concerns to disappear, but I am trying to just enjoy each day.

My boss is encouraging me to go for a new job out of town. She thinks my "fine mind" is somewhat wasted in my current position. If I were to get this job, which is highly unlikely because it is very very senior, it would only be for a couple of years and bf said to go for it if it would advance my career. I think he realizes that right now my career is more established and he can afford to be flexible and move for a bit. But it is way to soon to really even entertain any thoughts of moving.

We are off to Austin this weekend to visit some of my family. It will be fun and relaxing ans just what the doctor ordered.

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Me said...

New jobs!!! :) YAY! Great you have someone to talk to. It's vital. :)