Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communication is a good thing

I was feeling sad today again so my bf and I did some talking today. And no, not everything is resolved, and who knows if there will be a recurrence again soon, but a few good things did happen.

1. He seems to have emerged from his funk. He is laughing, playing video games with my nephew, and telling me how much he loves me.

2. I have an appt with a new psych tomorrow. I need to talk to someone unbiased about my over-analyzing mind.

3. I feel more hopeful that the differences we have are not impossible to overcome.

I know we have more work to do, but I did stress today that we have to talk about things or else we will fail as a couple. And while I did most of the talking, it did make me hopeful that he listened, didn't get angry or defensive, and clearly thought about what was said. It's a start.

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