Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know... I have not updated in a long time. I am pretty sure, in fact, my 4 readers have all gone away. But I need to do this for my own sanity.

I have been so busy learning my new job. While I have not changed companies I have been going through training and riding with other sales reps and it has just been a very full schedule. I have a week of studying, another week out in the field then I am out of town for 2 weeks. Before I go my fiance will be out of town for 5 days so we will be away from each other most of February.

In non-work news, my mom is coming into town at the end of February to help me shop for wedding dresses. I am excited to find one that both of us love. I still love looking down at my finger or running into people I haven't seen in a while to tell them I am engaged. I figure I am only going to do this once so am making the most of it and enjoy it. It is still 9+ months away but we only have the venue reserved so there is still a lot to do over the coming months and I know they will fly by. It will be good times.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I still have a job. Not the one I was doing, but still specialty. I will be selling different products to institutions instead of offices so this will actually make me more marketable for the next round of layoffs which I feel are eminent.

Oh what a feeling

I should be working. But I am not. Instead, I am sitting at home waiting for a phone call. Either from my manager, if she makes it through the cut, or someone else. At that time I will find out if I stay in my current position, get moved to another area, or laid off. Obviously option a is the ideal but right now b doesn't look to bad. I just want to know.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year... maybe

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. For me, it was filled with family, friends and now a little anxiety. On Monday or Tuesday I will know my fate at work. And whatever it is, I just have to remind myself that I will land on my feet. I may not get my dream job and may even have to take a pay cut, but I will be gainfully employed before too long. Of course, all this worrying may be for nothing and I may stay at my company in some capacity... I just have to see.

My family loved the ring and I asked my nieces and nephews to be in the wedding. It was funy- the youngest (3 and 5) were gung ho while the oldest (7 and 9) acted a bit cautious. Kids... they are hard to figure out.

My fiance is out of town for work and will hopefully be home around dinnertime tomorrow. He left early on New Years day (like 5:30 am) so we were in bed very very early the night before. I miss him and want him to come home.

Once I know something I will let you all know but in the meantime think positive thoughts for me please.