Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyones friend

I got a facebook message from a guy I dated very briefly at the beginning of 2007. I really liked him although looking back now I have no idea why. Anyway, he is moving here for school for a couple of months and was asking about apartments. He also asked what I was up to so I told him "we" were doing stuff around the house.

Well his response was- "whose we?", and "whats his name" and "are you living together?"

Although questions2 and 3 are reasonable, question 1 irked me. My profile says in a relationship but more importantly my profile pic is of my bf and me. Could he really have been that dumb?

Back to my title for today: in looking through my facebook friends I realize there are at least a dozen guys that I either dated, hooked up with, or went on at least one date with. Why oh why? Now granted, I really only "talk" to a few of them, but still.... is it really necessary?

And then the petty side of me comes through and I realize I want them to see me happy with my cute bf while they remain, for the most part, unattached. I really can be a bitch sometimes :).

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