Friday, August 1, 2008

Being Thankful

I feel lucky that the blog world exists. I get to learn about some amazing people and their lives; some I comment on, some I don't but I am always thankful that people share their experiences.

There are the brave young women battling and beating breast cancer that inspire me daily. There are the wives and girlfriends whose significant others are facing health issues. There are amazing yet everyday women starting new careers or educations, struggling with relationships, dealing with family issues. I learn something from every single blog I read, even if it is just to stop and appreciate what I have around me.

I have my health. I have a man who loves me as I am. I have a family that loves and is supportive of me and my choices. And I have the most wonderful network of friends.

So today I am putting any negative thoughts aside and only focusing on the positive. An early thanksgiving I guess.


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