Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weather Day!

I am currently sitting at home watching the steady downpour of Tropical Storm Eduard. We didn't get a direct hit but will probably end up with 3-6 inches of rain. Being a sales rep, my manager did not think being on the road would be very safe today so I get a weather day. For me this means catching up on some admin stuff, watching the extended local news reporting from all over the city, and catching up on blog reading.

Unfortunately my bf, who works mostly from home, got called to a client site so he isn't here to enjoy the lovely weather with me.

I don't watch any soap operas, but I would have liked to watch the talk shows. Not happening anytime soon though. Thank goodness for satellite!

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Taken Girl said...

I LOVE weather days! Even though I only got them when I lived in South Florida and they were because of Hurricanes which can be deadly and dangerous, they were fun! It's fun to stay inside all day because it's pouring rain and the wind is going crazy outside and just curl up on the couch and watch tv. Hope you enjoyed it and stayed safe!