Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Being in love is wonderful

Two weeks ago I was walking around miserable. Since then, my bf and I have had a serious talk, I have started seeing a new psych, I have applied for a new out of town job, and in general I have been practicing not worrying too much about the future.

All of this has led me to truly enjoy my relationship and my boyfriend for the first time in what seems like a while. My love for him is so strong, but his love for me is what really puts a smile on my face and makes my worries fade.

I sound corny, but I can't help it. I vent so much here that when things are going well, like now, I want to boast about it. I feel very lucky and I know he feels the same.

On another note, I cut about 5 inches off my hair to where is now falls just below my shoulders, but not much below since it is layered. I think it looks good and bf thinks it looks hot so it was a good decision. I did, however warn him that my stylist has magic blow drying talents that I do not possess.

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Paige Jennifer said...

Yeah, I hate you. I mean, that's AWESOME.