Sunday, June 29, 2008

The art of commuication

My bf and I got into an argument last night. We have guests this weekend and they are his friends who I have just met. It seemed to me that many times he was giving me looks or nudging me under the table when I was talking about one thing or the other. When I brought this up to him he said something to the affect that he wanted to make sure I didn't say something wrong (which I didn't) because he wanted them to like me. He also said he wasn't doing it nearly as much as I perceived him to be.

Well, I almost lost it. I told him that I wanted them to like me for who I was, not some censored version. We went back and forth about this (in our room privately), and I am still not sure if things are resolved. I think I sometimes let things build up when I should just call him out right away.

Its all a learning process, I realize that. Some days are harder than others. Most days, however, it is worth it. And making up after a disagreement can be pretty fun too.


Steph said...

an said it!

Me said...

Don't be too hard on yourself...and be yourself... :) That's why he likes you and that's why they will love you.