Saturday, October 4, 2008

Straightening up

My cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. She has only come once before and is awesome. We have her every other week, but the hurricane and lack of power for 3 Saturdays set us back so now the house is a mess again.

So now I will do what many women I know do: I will clean in preparation for her arrival. It seems silly in a way because I am paying her to do it, but there is just something about having a near stranger inspect your house and find it too messy. Or maybe it is just that if I don't pre-clean she will never make a dent in it.

I will devote a few hours today to throwing away papers, loading the dishwasher, putting books and various other items where they belong, and doing laundry. The laundry gets done every weekend anyway so I guess I can't count that as anything extra.

And oh I just can't wait until tomorrow evening when I have a nice clean home... at least for 72 hours or so.

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