Monday, December 8, 2008


I haven't posted in a while because I have had some bad news. After the joy of getting engaged I found out that my company is having layoffs is my area. They are cutting my division by 2/3 and I may very well be unemployed come January 5th. It is very unsettling and has made it very difficult to think about my future. I do have a wedding date- November 14th, 2009 so I have something to look forward to, but it honestly is not on my mind too much. I did have some drama already- I decided I wanted only my sis in laws as attendants and when I told one friend she got mad and I think basically ended our friendship. She and my fiance don't get along but that isn't what happened. I am not having one of my closest friends of over 20 yrs either and she seem to understand. I just can't worry about that now- it is my wedding and I think it is my right to have as big or small a wedding party as I want.

So for now, I await my fate.

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