Sunday, November 16, 2008

new laptop

I got a new laptop today. My old one still works, but the battery is totally dead and the I am having to borrow a power cord from my work laptop because the one for my personal one (the second one by the way) broke. My laptop is a Toshiba and to replace those 2 things will cost close to $200. We may sell this one as is or keep it as a spare- not sure yet.

So, I bought a new gateway that is much faster with more memory and a better screen for $599. Now bf and I are going through the painful process of getting rid of Vista and putting XP back on it. Thank goodness he is an IT consultant.

It is getting closer to when we will be getting engaged. I don't know exactly when, and the ring is not ready yet, but bf has said he can't wait until I have a sparkler on my hand. I think he is very proud of the design he chose and he knows I will love it. I can't wait!

Fall as we know it here on the Texas gulf coast has finally arrived. It will get into the high 30's tonight but the days will be gorgeous low 70's all week. I love this time of year.

Hope everyone has a great week- it will be a busy one for me, but if anything exciting happens I will be sure to post.

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